Puppy Buyers please feel free to send us letters, photos of you and your Fullerton Toy Aussie at anytime so that we may show others your special boy or girl. This page is a tribute to some of the fortunate people that have purchased puppies/adults from Fullerton Toy Aussies!  We thank you , our buyers, for your support and trust in our program but above all for giving our wonderful little Aussies a “furrever” home filled with love.........
Letters of Praise Hi Julie, Skyla, (Annie) is amazing, and she is doing great.  what a wonderful line of dogs you have.  Our Vet can’t believe how cute she is.  Sorry I have not sent you any pictures recently but things are very busy. Thanks for everything.  Gary Kincade. I do promote Toy Aussies to educate people about the breed but I mostly promote YOUR Toy Aussies!  I researched a LOT of websites and did a ton of reading before deciding to contact you.  I thank the good Lord that I came across your website! I keep telling the people that I know that are good responsible breeders to keep their website up to date!  Because of you having such a great website, I am an owner of one of the best dogs EVER.  Ronda Lee
Happy Buyers
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Julie Fullerton 12015 Rd 75 Bayard, Nebraska  69334 308-586-3008 email:  fullertontoyaussies@gmail.com
We have just received notification that “Misty” who is proudly owned and trained by Vicki Adkins, has officially earned her TG1 in agility also. It’s Official !!!!
We have another WINNER!!   Very proud of Dede Elsen and her accomplishments with her wonderful Toy Aussie, Shuey!  Dede tells us that Shuey is a wonderful girl and that she can run like the wind.   FAST.......
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Pamela Anderson from Glendo, WY with her new little man “NITRO”
Check out what Ronda Lee and her awesome girl Carly have been up to lately!  This pair is just outstanding!  
A Big Congratulations goes out to Vicki Adkins and her little lady, Misty!  check out how well Misty has been doing in competition!  Way to bring home the ribbons!  We are so proud of you Vicki. Thank you for giving our girls a wonderful home.
Vicki Adkins and Misty!
Hi Julie, Just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know Loki is doing so great!!! We absolutely LOVE him to death! He is such an awesome and amazing puppy! He started puppy classes with Kenzie and his ability to learn has amazed everyone in his class. They think he is so small that he can't possibly learn yet, but he has proved them wrong time and time again. He picks up on what he is learning after being shown one time. It's impressive to see all 2.5lbs of his little self do so much, but  after all he is an Aussie! We took him to a St. Paddy's day photo shoot being sponsored by a local rescue group.  I have attached one of the pictures they took of him yesterday. Everywhere we go, people flock to him and agree he is the cutest pup EVER! And we couldn't agree more. Thanks again!
Congratulations go out to Brannan Powell and little “Bogie”. Bogie graduated today from the Petsmart Puppy School.  Bogie is such a fun boy and look at that face!!!!!