International Champion Red Merle Toy Female

2 bright blue eyes. Blue Eyed Tri Producer

13.75" Tall and 14 lbs.

"Dragon" daughter

ASDR Registered

Sweet as pie as loved to be in your pocket


Black Tri Toy Female

2 brown eyes but her siblings were Blue Eyed Tri's.  

12" Tall and 12 lbs.

Outcross Pedigree

ASDR Registered. Red Factored.

Full of herself and honestly has NEVER met a stranger.  Great girl.

Lil' Aussie Town's "Fullerton cricket"

Just click on the "Download" link to see all of Cricket's paperwork


Small Black Tri Toy Female/brown eyes

From a litter of 5.  Two siblings were double blue eyed tri

should mature 11.5" and 14 lbs.

Daughter of our Tori x Dragon!

ASDR Registered - Red Factored

Dusty is quiet & calm girl. Not shy at all.  Has an old soul. Perfect!

fullerton fairy dust and dragons

Just click on the "Download" link to see all of Dusty's paperwork


Double Blue Eyed Red Tri Small Mini Female

Ember's black tri sister also had 2 baby blues.

Should mature 14.5" and 18 lbs.

Dragon daughter out of Hercules' full sister!

ASDR Registered

Ember has the heaviest bone of any female I've owned. 


Jet black BET toy female with wide,full collar

Margarita has one full blue eye plus another partial blue eye

Looking to mature 12" and 12 lbs.

Outcross pedigree to compliment our boys.

ASDR Registerd and Red Factored

"Rita" is high energy.  LOVES PEOPLE!

fullerton toy aussies

Julie Fullerton

12015 Rd 75

Bayard, NE  69334