International Champion Blue Merle female

Two bright blue eyes.

14.25" and 17 lbs.

Dragon daughter extraordinaire.

ASDR Registered - Not Red Factored

This girl won Best Of Show Puppy over all breeds!


International Champion Blue Merle Toy Female

2 bright blue eyes. Blue Eyed Tri Producer

12.5" tall and 12 lbs.

"Hercules" daughter!

ASDR Registered- Not red factored

My husband Chet thinks of this girl as his "first" wife.  LOL

"Sissy" - Black Tri

ASDR Champion plus Herding Certification!

2 soft brown eyes but multiple Blue Eyed Tri producer

11.5" Tall and 13 lbs.

Outcross pedigree

ASDR Registered - Red Factored

Sissy has the heaviest bone I've seen on a tiny girl.


Red Merle Toy Female

Two Bright Blue Eyes. Blue Eyed Tri producer

13.5" Tall and 14 lbs.

Outcross Pedigree

ASDR Registered

Extremely outgoing and happy, happy, joy, joy personality.


Blue Merle Toy Female

Right Eye is Blue/Left Eye is Brown. Blue Eyed Tri producer!

14" Tall and 15 lbs.

Tori is the dam of our Awesome Stud, Fullerton Legend of Hercules

ASDR Registered - Not Red Factored

Tori is a complete people lover!  Plays with her toys ALL day.


ASDR Champion Blue Merle Toy Female

Two piercing blue eyes 

11.5" Tall and 13 lbs.

Daughter of our famous "DRAGON"

ASDR Registered - Not red Factored

Jada is a very quiet old soul. Calm and sweet.


Champion Double Blue Eyed Black Tri Tiny Toy

10.25" tall and 8 lbs.

Another of our DRAGON daughters!

ASDR Registered-Red Factored

Glacier is my personal pet!  Heartbeat at my feet.


ASDR Champion Red Merle Toy Female

2 bright blue eyes.

12.50" tall and 13 lbs.

Stunning daughter of DRAGON.

ASDR Registered

Kelsie is a girl looking for fun at all times. Playful and cute.

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