13.75" tall - 14 LBS

ASDR Registered double blue eyed black tri toy male that is red factored!

Dragon is simply "the man!"

I love each and every thing about this homegrown boy. Wonderful, calm disposition. Friendly and sweet to all that he meets.  Never met  a stranger kind of a guy that just begs you to come pet him.  His copper is deep and true.  Dragon imply boasts good breeding.  Not to mention those double blue eyes!  HOT, HOT, HOT!  When you look at the photos of Dragon you will think you are looking at a much bigger dog, but Dragon is a true TOY Aussie .

14" Tall - 17 lbs

ASDR and NSDR registered. Red Factored! 2 Blue eyes and bone to die for!

These photos say it all.  What a dog!!  Hercules is the epitome of the breed standard for a TOY AUSSIE.  That Head, that hair coat, excellent reach and movement, that BONE!  Hercules has never met a stranger and comes running to greet you.  This is the type of Aussie that I feel has a load of excellence that we so desperately need in the Toy Aussies.  A true asset to our Program.  Full Aussie Panel Tested and ALL CLEAR thru Paw Prints Lab.  Hercules does stand at stud to the public so feel free to inquire!  We are downsizing our program as hubby is now 73 and we are slow and tired...LOL.  Hercules and a few of our  females are available to select homes.

fullerton toy aussies

Julie Fullerton

12015 Rd 75

Bayard, NE  69334